Potpourri Jam

Potpourri_frame_400.jpgPotpourria mixture of dried, naturally fragrant plant material, used to provide a gentle natural scent inside buildings.

 In April of 1991 the first Potpourri Jam occurred, and it has been a regular yearly event ever since!

No, we don't feature fragrant folk singers, but rather form groups of 4 or 5 people at random, give them about 10 weeks to choose songs and practice, and finally present them at the Potpourri Jam which tends to be held around the turn of the year.

 If you choose to participate we can guarantee that you will have fun and get to know other GLFSS members well. You will have the opportunity to perform on stage with microphones, typically for a 20-25 minute set. Often the participants then go their separate ways, but some groups work so well that they continue to play together long after.  JAVA is one such group that started in the 2005 Potpourri, is still playing together today, and performs at coffee houses and other venues in the Rochester area.

Group_500.jpgYour commitment: A willingness to meet regularly (perhaps 8 sessions) to choose songs and practice. Flexibility and a sense of adventure.

How to sign up: The Potpourri Jam is open to the public so you don't need to be a Golden Link member to apply.  But the November, 2016 Potpourri Jam lineup is complete, so Sign Up is not available at this time.  When the next Potpourri Jam is scheduled, we'll have a button on this page to allow you to fill out a form and send in your application.  Keep an eye on the Home Page for an announcement of the next Jam, or check out our Concerts Page for a listing of upcoming concerts including the Potpourri Jam.