Below are several of the most recent videos from some of Golden Link's concerts, festivals, and other events.  For a look at older videos, check out our video archives on our youtube channel:

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2017 Peter Yarrow Concert - Music Speaks Louder Than Words

2017 Peter Yarrow Concert - Puff the Magic Dragon. Peter speaks about the history of the song and what it's about, and bring nearly the entire audience on stage to help sing it.

2017 Peter Yarrow Concert - Blowing in the Wind

2017 Turtle Hill Folk Festival. Featuring Bob Zentz, The Cadleys, Low Lily, Jordyn Kenzie, Stuart Fuchs, and Brother Sun in their last festival appearance.

Many Voices & Hallelujah - From the 2017 Turtle Hill Folk Festival. This is the Saturday performance by the group of children before the main concert.

2016 Turtle Hill Folk Festival.  This year's performers: David Wilcox, April Verch Band, Gathering Time, Jim Gaudet & the Railroad Boys, Robert Jones & Matt Watroba, Bob Zentz, Mara Levine.  New Voices competition: Pepper & Sassafras (winners), Austin MacRae, John Sonntag.

NERFA (Northeast Regional Folk Alliance) Jam Session in the Lobby with Jim Guadet & the Railroad Boys, He-Bird/She Bird, and the Evie Laden Band. Our concert coordinator, Janice Hanson, attended the NERFA conference in 2015 and shot this video.

Golden Link's 2015 Turtle Hill Folk Festival, featuring John McCutcheon, Hey Mavis, Dana & Susan Robinson, John Kirk & Trish Miller, Maria Gillard.  At the New Voices competition - The Brothers Blue, Tough Old Bird, The Lonely Ones, Matthew Cochran.