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  • commented on Folk Troubadour Bill Staines Returns on May 13 2017-05-15 09:41:32 -0400
    This was an absolutely wonderful concert , almost a full house . It such a wonderful group to belong to. Lovely people- Tom Boyce

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    Festival Volunteering

    Thanks for Volunteering!  The Turtle Hill Folk Festival runs on volunteers, and appreciates your help!  And, if you help out for 6 hours or more, you'll earn a free weekend pass to the Festival!

    Please let us know what times you can be available by checking one or more of the "Available:" checkboxes below.  Let us know what roles you would be interested in by checking the "Role:" checkboxes.  We will contact you for further information and details.  If you need to let us know any other information about your available times, skills, interests, physical limitations, etc. please use the Comments field at the bottom.

    Thanks again!

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