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    Just Purchased Bill Staines Concert Tickets

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    Going to see John McCutcheon this Friday. Can't Wait!

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    Sorry to hear that, Angelina. Maybe next year!

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    Potpourri Jam

    Potpourri_frame_400.jpgPotpourria mixture of dried, naturally fragrant plant material, used to provide a gentle natural scent inside buildings.

     In April of 1991 the first Potpourri Jam occurred, and it has been a regular yearly event ever since!

    No, we don't feature fragrant folk singers, but rather form groups of 4 or 5 people at random, give them about 10 weeks to choose songs and practice, and finally present them at the Potpourri Jam which tends to be held around the turn of the year.

     If you choose to participate we can guarantee that you will have fun and get to know other GLFSS members well. You will have the opportunity to perform on stage with microphones, typically for a 20-25 minute set. Often the participants then go their separate ways, but some groups work so well that they continue to play together long after.  JAVA is one such group that started in the 2005 Potpourri, is still playing together today, and performs at coffee houses and other venues in the Rochester area.

    Group_500.jpgYour commitment: A willingness to meet regularly (perhaps 8 sessions) to choose songs and practice. Flexibility and a sense of adventure.

    How to sign up: The Potpourri Jam is open to the public so you don't need to be a Golden Link member to apply.  Just click the button below to bring up an email form so you can send your information to our PotPourri coordinator. You'll be contacted when selections are made for the PotPourri groups.  For future Potpourris, keep an eye on the Home Page for an announcement of the next Jam, or check out our Concerts Page for a listing of upcoming concerts and events including the Potpourri Jam.



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    Festival Volunteering

    Thanks for Volunteering!  The Turtle Hill Folk Festival runs on volunteers, and appreciates your help!  And, if you help out for 6 hours or more, you'll earn a free weekend pass to the Festival!

    Please let us know what times you can be available by checking one or more of the "Available:" checkboxes below.  Let us know what roles you would be interested in by checking the "Role:" checkboxes.  We will contact you for further information and details.  If you need to let us know any other information about your available times, skills, interests, physical limitations, etc. please use the Comments field at the bottom.

    Thanks again!

    Become a volunteer

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    Setup your Email Options

    email_icon.jpgIMPORTANT!  To receive emails, you should check both of the following checkboxes:

    Send Me Email Updates - If this is not checked you will not receive any emails, including newsletters, regardless of the other checkboxes!

    Important Information Emails -These emails are official business emails such as notifying you if a concert is canceled when you have already purchased online tickets.  These are very rare and will always be something important that you need to be aware of. If you opt out of "Important Information" we will not be able to contact you regarding these issues.

    Sign up

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    Bob Zentz

    BobZentz_capehenry_400.jpg“Zentz has it all ... a bag of strikingly attractive songs ... a pleasing voice ... and mastery of a variety of stringed things.” – The Scotsman

    Called the “Tidewater Troubadour,” Bob Zentz is an award-winning songwriter, recording artist, instrument builder, educator, broadcaster, and sailor. He plays dozens of usual and unusual acoustic folk instruments, and has a repertoire of more than 2,000 songs and tunes, some of which have been recorded and performed by such artists as Gordon Bok, Magpie, Rick Lee, and Tom Lewis, among others.

    He will be bringing Ramblin’ Conrad’s Old-Time Tent to Turtle Hill, featuring displays from the year 1966 in the folk tradition, an Instrument “Petting Zoo,” and children’s activities. Come enjoy a homemade hootenanny with Bob.   More ...

    Video preview:

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    Jim Gaudet & The Railroad Boys

    (with special guest Sara Milonovich)

    JimGaudet_600.jpg“A killer little bluegrass combo … true-life songs, three-chord tunes, hot picking, and tight harmonies.”
    – Albany Times Union

    Jim Gaudet and The Railroad Boys will make you feel as if you’re traveling back in time, with a sound that is classic and nostalgic, as well as modern. With the help of the Railroad Boys (bassist/vocalist Bob Ristau, mandolinist/guitarist Sten Isachsen, and special guest, fiddler Sara Milonovich), Jim Gaudet anchors his deft wordplay, savvy songcraft, candor, and wit in classic roots music. It’s a unique, driving style, firmly based in Americana.

    Long a favorite on the Northeast folk scene, the RR Boys have attracted an avid, loyal audience, who enthusiastically whoop it up during songs like their signature “shout along” titled “So Far So Good.” His songs cover a wide range of topics: outlaws and murder ballads, cheating lovers, even a song about peanut butter. “He weaves storytelling into his music,” writes Bluegrass Unlimited, “and tells humorous anecdotal stories between the songs.”   More ...

    Video preview:

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    April Verch Band

    Verch_8117154-Edit-600.jpg“April Verch stands out as a violin virtuoso playing ‘old style’ fiddle, as a step dancer, and a vocalist with a character that combines early jazz with old time.”
    – Music Central

    April Verch fiddles, sings, and step dances with a fresh and feisty approach to deep North American traditions. Verch and her band – featuring bassist and clawhammer banjo player Cody Walters and guitarist and mandolinist Alex Rubin – keep their community-fired celebration of traditional music at the forefront, honing a keen awareness of how to engage contemporary listeners.

    At the heart of the music lie Verch’s delicate voice, energetic footwork, and stunning playing, a trifecta of talents she brings together simultaneously to jaw-dropping effect. Drawing on traditions from her native Ottawa Valley, Verch’s energetic and breathtaking performances speak to the heart of roots music with mature and reflective songwriting, interpreting, and storytelling.   More ...

    Video preview:

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    David Wilcox


    “Fueled by brilliantly articulate guitar, an honestly pretty baritone, and deft lyrics, he combines the best of both pop and modern folk aesthetics.”
    Boston Globe

    Now 18 records into a career marked by personal revelation and wildly loyal fans, David Wilcox holds audiences rapt with nothing more than a single guitar, thoroughly written songs, and a fearless ability to mine the depths of human emotions, all tempered by a quick and wry wit. His lyrical insight is matched by a smooth baritone voice, virtuosic guitar chops, and creative open tunings.

    Winner of the prestigious Kerrville Folk Festival New Folk award in 1988, he released How Did You Find Me Here, which sold over 100,000 copies during the first year. Considered a ‘songwriter’s songwriter,’ Wilcox has had his songs covered by artists such as k.d. lang and many others. In addition to his writing prowess, his skills as a performer and storyteller are unmatched.   More ...

    Video preview:

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    Great video! Can’t wait to see both these groups!

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    2015 Festival Food

    Hungry? Join in on our traditional Saturday night Chicken dinner or visit one of the on-site vendors for a variety of meal and snack options!


    Chicken Dinner - Saturday 5:00 pm

    The Chicken Dinner will be provided this year by Mark Polizzi.  There's a limited number of dinners available so be sure to get your tickets early!  Tickets can be purchased at the festival, from the Golden Link merchandise table, which is indoors in the back of the main concert room this year.  To be guaranteed your meal, purchase your tickets before 1pm on Saturday!

    $10 per person gets you this delicious meal:

    • 1/2 Chicken
    • Salt Potatoes
    • Macaroni Salad
    • Tossed Sald
    • Vegetable
    • Roll & Butter
    • Cookie

    Darrell's Kitchen by Darrell Wright

    Mexican foods, Hamburgers, Hots, Chicken quarters, Fries, Chicken wings, Philly steak sandwich, Fish fry, Pasta, Chicken breast sub, Sausage (beef and Italian), beverages.

    Golden Link

    Will have coffee, tea and simple breakfast foods (donuts, bagels) and some desserts.

    Vegetarian Fare

    We expect to have vegetarian offerings, but have not yet confirmed the vendor.


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