Members Showcase Concert


Tickets: $5 at the Door

As is our tradition, on every month with five Tuesdays, we hold a Member’s Showcase Concert. Thus, on August 29th, instead of the usual sing-around, Golden Link is having a Member's Showcase Concert!    We have a diverse slate of talented members performing for your entertainment.  Admission is just $5 at the door, and refreshments will be available. (To learn more about Member Showcase concerts, Click Here

SamAsher_Sq_600px.jpgSam Asher

Samuel Asher serves as the spiritual leader of Ohel Avraham, an unaffiliated Jewish worship group in Rochester, and as Hillel Leader at Nazareth College. Born in Cairo, Egypt, he has done extensive work to revive traditional Middle Eastern Jewish music as well as to develop new music for Jewish liturgy. Sam has written music extensively, has taught classes and led workshops on music, prayer, and interfaith dialog. Educated at the Eastman School of Music, Samuel’s musical interests are eclectic. He has written, played & sung in Jazz, Folk, Blues, and Country music.  Expect lively interaction and participation when you see him on the stage. This will be his third GL Concert.

David_Russell_Square.jpgDave Russell

David Russell has been a Golden Link member since 2009. He has shared the stage with such Golden Link legends as Deborah Edwards, Bob White, Dave Shaver, Sarva, Doug Green, Allen Hopkins, Mark Weeg, Bob Hyder, Carolyn Smith-Hanna, Frank DeLapa, and Janice and Craig Hansen.

Notable venues he has performed at include:

The town square in Ogdensburg, NY where he did Jaime Brockett's "Legend of the U.S.S. Titanic" - all thirteen minutes - wowing local hipsters with creative lyrics.

Room 122 of the No-tell Motel in Flagstaff Arizona – where he sang Bat McGrath's "Wegmans" at 1:00a.m. with a couple of ladies from Rochester while on a cross-country motorcycle trip. Got a great wall-pounding reception from the guy in room 123.

Living room of the 16th Street home of the Unification Church in San Francisco (the Moonies). He doesn't remember what he did but they must have liked it as he was semi-voluntarily kidnapped for 24 hours.

BSleboda_400.jpgNick Hambas

Nick Hambas retired so he wouldn't have to write bios any more. Now he spends his time minding his burgeoning collection of senior moments and liver spots. He thanks his stars that let him live long enough to use "burgeoning" in a sentence. He is sincerely proud to be sharing the stage tonight with the talents of Sam and David.


January 30, 2018 at 7:30pm - 10pm
12 Corners Presbyterian Church
1200 S Winton Rd
Rochester, NY 14618
United States
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