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IMPORTANT - you must be logged into your account on our site for this information to be correct!  Otherwise, the site does not know who you are and will indicate that you are not a paid member.

The information below shows our current records regarding your paid membership.  Some things to note:

  • The start date for long-time members will not be accurate.  If you would like your start date to be correct, and you know the approximate date, send an email to the webmaster (link at bottom of page) and we will update your records.
  • If we have you on record with an expired membership, your previous membership information will show up below.
  • If your membership expired before 2015, we will not have a record of it and you will simply show up as Not a Member.
  • If your membership status shows Active, but it has expired recently, then you are in the Grace period.  You will still have member benefits for a short while until the Grace period is over.  Great time to renew!


Current Membership Information: