Golden Link Sponsored Workshops

Workshop.jpgGolden Link sponsors fun and educational workshops to help you hone your skills as a performer, a hobbyist, a singer-songwriter, or just someone who enjoys singing or playing folk music.  Some are presented by Golden Link members, while others share the wisdom and experience of performers from the Golden Link concert series.  You'll enjoy them all!

Workshops are open to all, whether you're a Golden Link member or not. There is usually a minimal fee to defray the cost of the room where the workshop is held.  To keep these events small and personal, attendance is very limited.  Note that workshops are subject to cancellation if there is insufficient interest based on the number of online registrations.

To reserve your spot, please register online by clicking on the workshop of interest below.


  • Tuesday, November 13, 2018 at 07:00 PM

    Winter Advisory! - 11/13

    Registration: $6 (covers the cost of the room)

    Winter is coming and your instruments may be in danger. Take it from Dave Stutzman of Stutzman’s Guitar Center, whose repair work went up 60% one recent winter. This crucial workshop will help you avoid instrument damage—cracking, shrinking, swelling, and the harmful effects on playing, etc.-- year-round, not just during severe Rochester weather.

    Guitar_and_shawl_400px.jpgDave, who’s had 55 years of experience caring for stringed instruments (yes, he started young), will talk about care and feeding of instruments—proper humidifying, cleaning, storing, restringing and more, as well as when to consult a professional. His tips will keep your instrument happy and therefore you as well.

    Note: Registration is online ONLY and will end on Sunday November 11.  Seating is limited so be sure to sign up early to reserver your spot! If you have any questions, Click Here to email our Education Coordinator.

    • This is an alcohol and smoke free event. •

  • Tuesday, December 04, 2018 at 07:00 PM

    12-String Guitar - 12/4


    Registration: $6

    Double the Strings, Double the Fun! Do you ever wonder what playing a 12-string guitar is like? Do you own one and want to compare notes with other players? Come hang out with David Ianni and talk 12-strings for an informal evening. Bring your own instrument or try one out—Golden Link has a drawing for a guitar that happens to be a 12-string Blue Ridge VR40-12, courtesy of Stutzman‘s Guitar Center.

    Taylor_12-string_headstock_600px.jpgThis workshop will acquaint you with 12-string guitars, explore a few different playing styles, discuss what music works best, and cut through some of the learning curve. It’s also a chance to talk about what to buy. David has been playing 12-string seriously for five or six years, but 20 years all told. He enjoys Gordon Bok, Leo Kottke, Leadbelly, Pete Seeger and Mark Spoelstra and others on the 12-string. See if you, like David, are drawn to its “versatility and the fuller, ringing sound.”

    After the workshop, attend the second half of the usual Tuesday evening sing-around and add to the sound! *Please note this is the first Tuesday of December.

    If you have any questions about this workshop, click to contact our Education Coordinator.

    Registration $6 (covers cost of room)

    Note: Online Registration will end on Sunday, December 2.

    • This is an alcohol and smoke free event. •