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Bringing folk music and people together for over 50 years!
Golden Link Folk Singing Society
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New Sing Around Dates and Locations!
Tuesday, Dec. 4th - First Live Sing Around at Greece Baptist Church! For details, visit our Live Sing Arounds page.

Sunday, Dec. 11th - Zoom sing around move to Sunday Evenings! For details, visit our Zoom Sing Arounds page

December 4 - Windborne, Live Streaming Concert!
We're partnering with the Mandolin streaming platform to bring you Windborne's Music of Midwinter Concert.  With 20 years of studying polyphonic music around the world, their harmonies are bold and anything but predictable.  Sing along with familiar favorites, enjoy new twists on old classics, or sit back and enjoy discovering new favorites, but make sure you don't miss Windborne's Music of Midwinter!  For details and to purchase tickets, Click Here.
December 10 - Joe Jencks Concert!
A 25-year veteran of the international folk circuit, Joe is known for his unique merging of social consciousness, spiritual exploration, and musical beauty. On A Midwinter’s Night continues in that vein, while focusing on songs of the holiday season, songs of history and humanity, as well as some winter favorites.  Join us for what promises to be a memorable concert!  Click Here for tickets and more information.
Check out our new Volunteering system!
Keeping folk music alive and healthy takes the efforts of lots of volunteers.  You can now easily join this effort through our new Volunteer System, which lets you look at the various things that need to be done, and the times when they're needed.  You can sign up for just the right thing to match your interest and availability.  Take a look by clicking on the Volunteer Button at left, or in the Golden Link Menu on mobile devices.  

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events
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