The ULTIMATE Golden Link Picnic

Saturday, July 16, 3:00 pm–8:00 pm 


Our gracious hosts Bill Destler and Rebecca Johnson will be retiring from RIT next June, so this is your last chance to enjoy their hospitality at RIT’s Liberty Hill, 2201 Lehigh Station Road, between Pinnacle Road and Pittsford-Henrietta Town Line Road. Food, conversation, swimming, and music are on the schedule. 

Golden Link will again provide hamburgers (beef and veggie) and hot dogs, catsup, and mustard. We'll bring whatever soft drinks we have on hand, but if you have exotic tastes in soft drinks, beer, or wine, bring those yourself. Bring a dish to pass (appetizer, salad, veggies, or dessert) and your own reusable plate and utensils.

We strive to be green, so please bring reusable plates, cups, and cutlery. While there, please use the recycle and composting bins that Bill and Rebecca will have in place. We’d love to have a landfill-free event.

Yes, there is a pool, there are some chairs, but bringing your own wouldn't hurt, and there is a great indoor space should Mother Nature bring us rain. And being close to all of Bill's Banjos should certainly inspire a song or two. Bring your instruments and your voices!