Below are several of the most recent videos from some of Golden Link's concerts, festivals, and other events.  For a look at older videos, check out our video archives on our youtube channel:

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2019 March 9 - Judy Collins at Hochstein Performance Hall - Mountain Girl

2018 Sept 7-9 - Turtle Hill Folk Festival

2018 Jan 20 - Watroba & Jones - Death Letter Blues

2017 Dec 9 - Richie and Rosie - Cold Mountain

2017 Nov 17 - Evie Ladin and Keith Terry - Down to the Door

2017 Nov 4 - Peter Yarrow Concert - Music Speaks Louder Than Words

2017 Nov 4 - Peter Yarrow Concert - Puff the Magic Dragon. Peter speaks about the history of the song and what it's about, and brings nearly the entire audience on stage to help sing it.

2017 Nov 4 - Peter Yarrow Concert - Blowing in the Wind

2017 Oct 21 - Canal St. String Band - Rain and Snow

2017 Sept - Turtle Hill Folk Festival. Featuring Bob Zentz, The Cadleys, Low Lily, Jordyn Kenzie, Stuart Fuchs, and Brother Sun in their last festival appearance.